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Status: N/A
Real Name: Kenny Fletcher
Gender: Male
Birthday: 08/27/1966
Country: United Kingdom
State: Lancashire
Registered: 10/29/2008
Last Visit: 06/03/2018 11:49 AM

Hi Every One I am Kenny,
I am 52 I am physically disabled in a wheelchair needing care, through having osteoarthritis & post-traumatic fibromyalgia syndrome through out my body, stroke related condition, daily seizures, spondylitis of upper & lower spine, 2 damage vertebra centre & lower, asthmatic, and other conditions, too many to list!

I am a gay single man, I used to help run 5 disabled organisations up till 2002, when I moved from Morecambe to Oldham (UK) where I presently live, since then not done much through bad of health,I have been in the wheelchair needing care for 4 years now.

In September 2007 I got the internet and started joining groups, I am a member a number of disabled, promotional, management & PSP groups.

I run 6 groups here on Aimoo, Kenny’s Promotions & Management Group -
Kenny’s Friendship & Disabled Group -
Rainbow Groups Club (a social forum for group member & Management to relax in) -
Help & Support Group -
Pet Care & Support Group -
Kenny’s Gay Friendship Group -
Gay Men’s Group (Adult & Private) -
Feel free to join any of my group you are welcome to pop along & take a look!

I helped to set up 2 Animal Rescues in Oldham, as I love animals, and interested in Animal Welfare!

I am a caring considerate guy who likes to help people & animals out, so now can only do it through the internet.
That's me folk's!

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Pommerlis  Send Private Message
05/06/2010 4:22 PM

Hi Kenny, I got your message in the mailbox on the forum. I'm not quite up to date what Banner maker Pro is exactly but as far as I can understand it should be able to read any kind of format when it comes to pictures. The only Creddy-site I know of is the original Creddyworld. You can find it here: You might want to read up on the copyrights though, as far as I understand it, she sold her rights. All her tubes are PSD-files though, I don't know if the Banner Maker can read that format. Maybe you should give it a go. I know PSP can read PSD files so an option could be to open the tube in PSP and just save it as a JPEG, the it would get a white background and be an ordinairy picture. Hope this helps any. Any more questions, feel free to ask. Hugz from Pommerlis
11/23/2009 3:30 PM

Started a group across the pond - Portland OR and found a National group as well. Your group was on top of the google list - congrats!
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09/27/2009 9:11 PM

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bostonirisher  Send Private Message
08/08/2009 1:38 AM

a question, do u know of resources for quads? Any other blogs?
bostonirisher  Send Private Message
08/08/2009 1:36 AM

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