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Registered: 01/09/2009
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Rowdy_Roddy  Send Private Message
02/25/2009 11:10 AM

Hey, yes it has been a long time. One of my rp's made you cry? Which one? I'm a little pissed at msn for closing up msn groups for good. When I found it was happening, I started going in and out of the old XWL site to retreive some of my favorite rps to remember those times by. A lot of good ones are gone forever now, but oh well. At least I got to reread some good ones from back then. When I was scanning the top feds of the groups list about a month ago, I came across IWF and saw Xtreme 3:16 on the roster. I figured it was finally time to dust off the old characters one more time and give closure to my storylines since it always nagged at me in the back of my brain that I never got to post a departure for them. I only thought to catch up with Xtreme, but was pleasantly surprised to see both you and Lori Anne appear on the roster as well. Anyways, good luck in all you feds. :)