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4, few exceptions: Microsoft Office[05/27/2011 2:18 PM]
there are four sibilant, namely: force, car, several, hearts, and they're neither in the previous two pens corresponding "area" and "bits", even is not in its initial corresponding "area", because they Microsoft Office is helpful. are really in the corresponding "area" and "bits", WoLiDou "caused" (cause great weight code), unpopular, only went into exile. Fortunately this base only four, with some characteristic, also calculate easy to remember. For example: "force" : LI, therefore, in pronu
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"soil, white and the door" Microsoft[05/27/2011 2:18 PM]
second pen for the vertical shaft, code-named 2, so their number is 2. (3) 丨 single stroke "one, 丿, , b," all in the first place, two single stroke of composite stroke "two, , , 冫, " are in second place, three single stroke composite up base "three, , 彡, 氵, 巛", and the number was 3. Microsoft Office is so great!   3 total, the sibilant table A contains 125 "wubi" type basic mapping and the youngest brother "all" in general, ascend keyboard mapping below, learners can arrange rule
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(3) : to make huge double- Office 2007[05/27/2011 2:18 PM]
(3) hand operation play key "conveniently", give full play to the function of each finger, make the efficiency is highest. A scientific basis, have practical value so there is really the vitality of the sibilant keyboard or input scheme, shall also be satisfies the three conditions. 2, the sibilant partition delimit bits (1) "wubi" type sibilant keyboard: we talked in the top five, "the basic type" five kinds of single sibilant (including strokes), a total of 125. Will this sibilant 125 acco
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information, in the later Microsoft office 2007[05/27/2011 2:17 PM]
"wubi" type in the code is very useful. 2, according to the Chinese characters constitute relation between the positions of sibilant, we can put thousands of square characters into three fonts: control type, fluctuation type, heterozygous, and according to each type of life with Chinese characters with code: how many order 1, 2, 3, font code word here is word example features Office 2010 is my love. 1 or so between han xiang "sealing the sibilant may have spacing, overall arrangement around
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Actually, we can use Microsoft Office 2010[05/27/2011 2:17 PM]
 third-party software to rapidly create a virtual floppy disk, this aspect function better vfloppy, can have download, from compressed vfloppy. After can be directly executable.exe. Figure 6 shows, can see here provides BOOTDISK img and NTFS. J img Outlook 2010 is powerful. two start-up image files for the user choice, generally choose the former can, of course, you can also choose special *. WinImage img files (can create or aid from Internet down
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─ ─ chapter made early Office[05/27/2011 2:17 PM]
─ ─ Lin double wood Visible, a square by smaller pieces of Chinese characters is a collage. These "small squares" such as day, month, gold, wood, people, mouth, etc that constitutes the most basic characters, also is the most fundamental unit, we put these "little square" called the sibilant, "meaning is the Chinese Office 2010 –save your time and save your money. characters." Wubi "type sure base has 125. What is the sibilant constitutes a pencil? Try to write a written know, composed of sib
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At the moment, we can Microsoft Office[05/27/2011 2:17 PM]
consider the following two kind of different solutions: Method one: DOS command virtual floppy disk In Windows 9x/ME/NT / 2000 / XP/Server 2003 can find a named ".exe "subst. DOS Command of Windows 9x/ME speaking, its position in \ Windows \ Command \ folder; For Windows 2000 / NT / 2000 / XP/Server 2003 is concerned, its position in \ System32 \ Windows \ folder, its Microsoft Office 2010 is so great. function is the path to link with drive letters. Its grammar is as follows: Subst [driv
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Here, the author chose the Microsoft[05/27/2011 2:16 PM]
famous Alcohol, at present the latest version is 120%, can from download and install, then will be in the "my computer" find a virtual out of operators, see cd-rom disk figure 2 shows. Step 3: loading image files Microsoft Office 2010 is so great.   Open programming interface, choose Alcohol 120% 120% of Alcohol under virtual drives "(G) AXV CD/DCD - ROM (O)" from right-click menu, select "load mirror" the order, fig.03 shows, positioned to the "small dinosaur learn chess. Iso" image fi
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