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plug MP3 player into car: Introduction

As they say there are many ways of skinning a cat. There are many ways of plugging your iPod into your car radio. The options are wide there are many third party manufacturers with many solutions. So the options are wide and wonderful from a cheap cable to a sophisticate in car system. It can be hard to know where to start but hopefully after you have read this you'll have knowledge to know what to look for.

So where do you start you may be asking. The first thing you need to think about is how much you're willing to sol republic headphones spend on the solution. You may want the all singing all dancing solution or your may want a cheap wire that you plug into you iPod and then into your radio.

How do I plug my MP3 player into my car: Options

So we shall begin here are your options

Option 1: iPod adapter to cassette tape

This is not only the cheapet option but also the least technical option as the cable fits into your headphone jack socket and then it has a cassette that you put into your car radio. I personally think that this is not the right option I wouldn't go for this one as you have to have wires everywhere and it can be fiddly. These cables generally cost you between $8 - $20(4 - 10). But also on the downside most new car radios don't have a cassette player.

Option 2: iPod radio transmitter.

This option is a small device that plugs into the bottom of your iPod and it will transmit whatever you're playing to your radio. It then uses the power off your iPod to power itself and then it transmits whatever you're playing onto your radio. It is easy to use you for example set your iPod radio transmitter to 84.00 fm and then tune your radio into the same 84.00 fm and you can then play your iPod music on your car radio. The unit cost about $40 - $80 (20 - 40).

Option 3: iPod compatable radio

This is the more expensive option. You can buy a radio that will accept the standard iPod cable, the one that came in the box to connect to your PC. You can also get some of the radios that supply there own cable to connect to your iPod. This option will set you back starting from $260+ (130+). There are some high end systems that have Sat nav built in that cost about $1400 (700).

How do I plug my MP3 player into my car: Conclusion

Okay there you go there are many other options out there some include buying a BMW as most models now come with built in system for plugging your iPod into it. Hope you got all your ideas.

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