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Bluetooth headset problem[05/22/2013 10:37 PM]
Tag: headphones

I've been everywhere I can possibly think of and still found no solution to this problem so I've turned here for help.

The problem is my headset. I bought it a few days ago and it's worked great so far. While playing Unreal Tournament 2004, the bots could understand what I was saying if not with a bit of difficulty, but I hadn't yet tried to use it on other people over an online game which was the original reason I'd bought the headset to begin with. After going a day without so much as touching the computer, I went back to try testing it. When I finally did, however, people responded with "Someone's talkin' but I can't hear nuthin'," I assumed that this meant that my microphone wasn't properly connected or that my mouth wasn't close enough to the mic, so I closed out of UT sol republic and opened up the Windows Sound Recorder, checked for any problems, and tried it out.

While I was recording, I could see that barely any sound was getting thourgh- there was hardly any movement in the bar. I played it back and could clearly hear that my voice was very faint and barely audible. I could hear it, though. It wasn't muffled, staticy, or echoey, just very, very quiet. It sounded like the volume on my computer was turned down very low or something, but I checked and saw that this wasn't the problem.

The first thing I thought to do was adjust the microphone input volume by using the windows sound mixer. I checked the bars, and found that they were all at the maximum. I checked the mic booster option, tried it again, with no improvement in my results.

Now becoming slightly frustrated, I opened UT again to check if the bots, at least, were still respoding to my commands. Guess what? Nothing.

I searched all over the internet for a solution to my problem, going in to the Control Panel several times and messing with the microphone and input properties, only coming to the same conclusion each time. Then, thinking that it might be a problem with my sound card, I went looking for updates for my drivers.

First off, I had a hard time even figuring out what kind of sound card I had. I've come to the conclusion that it's a 'Maste Ripway PCI Audio Device', but every driver I tried to install for it either didn't work, didn't install, or wasn't for my operation system.

Then, thinking that maybe it was a problem with the mic itself, I went and plugged it in to my mom's computer (a laptop and a much more recent on at that) with fantastic results. The sound was clear, loud, and understandable- far better than it had been on my computer. For me, this rules out the chance of it being a headset problem.

I went back to my computer still frustrated and without a solution and tried again to find an answer. The sound is crisp and clean and there's no problems whatsoever with it on any computer. The microphone is the only problem.

Heh, sorry for the tiny text- it was just such a big post that I didn't want it taking up a lot of room.

Anyway, I think I've fixed the problem. After reading your suggestion, I thought about using another sound card, but I wasn't ready for that just yet, so I tried looking for another solution. I found one that required muting the microphone voume in the 'playback' portion of volume control, and now It's working almost perfectly. I think what it was was that all my input was going to the speakers instead of being recorded. or something. I don't know really, lol.

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