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Dispersants in Water Treatment - IROCHEM[05/17/2018 2:21 PM]
Tag: dispersants, water treatment
Thedispersantsin water treatment are PAA, PAAS, HPMA, MA-AA, AA-AMPS, etc. Thesedispersants are mainly used to prevent scale by dispersing. The result of dispersionis to prevent the contact and condensation between the fouling particles, thuspreventing the growth of the structure. The scale particles can be calcium andmagnesium ions, and are composed of thousands of CaCO3 and MgCOmolecules, which are composed of scale particles and dust, sediments or otherwater-insoluble substances. Dispersant is a polymer with relative molecularmass (or degree of polymerization), and its dispersion is closely related tothe relative molecular mass (or degree of polymerization). When thepolymerization is low, the amount of adsorption disperse particles is small andthe dispersion efficiency is low. When the polymerization is high, the amountof adsorption disperse particles is too large, the water is turbid, and even theflocculation is formed (the effect is similar to the flocculant). Dispersantshave better dispersion effect than the chelating agents. Dispersants havebetter dispersion effect than chelating agents. Experiments show that 1 mgdispersant can stabilize the scale particles of 10 ~ 100mg in circulationwater. In medium and high hardness water, the dispersion of scale inhibitorplays an important role.
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